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New Short Submitted!

2008-09-21 03:11:47 by SaikoTaiko

Alright so this new short that I just submitted "Things Could Get Worse" isn't the one that i've been working on, but it's something I did out of my spare time (which I should've spent on finishing up the other flash I'm making) but oh well. Hope you like it!

Just nearly...just...

2008-08-30 10:28:33 by SaikoTaiko

So, college started. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but I keep letting my homework build up >.<'

Well I've worked on this flash some more, it's going to be titled "Don't Touch My Chips". ^^ I really hope it turns out well...and that people like it. It is a occurence that had happened to my friend, and I thought it was pretty funny so I made it into a flash. I added some color in it, just as you guys requested ;D Not a whole lot, but...color. I can say it has reached perhaps... 70% maybe? Mm...Yeah around there ^^ I hope to finish it soon.

P.S. I submitted a little something that I did while I was bored :3 It's called "Dancing Chibi". Enjoy!

It Has Been Awhile

2008-08-12 02:45:54 by SaikoTaiko

I haven't been home in awhile, that's because I went to Japan for 2 weeks for vacation -^^- Anyways i'm back now. I've been working on a flash and i'm happy to say that it's reached the halfmark ;D It's almost complete! I just need to finish it before college starts ^^'